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Welcome to the world’s largest shop for edible bugs

Kairos wants to make edible bugs mainstream! We curate the best edible bug products in the world for you in an easy one-stop shop!

Products you order are directly sent from the business that produced the product to you, resulting in faster shipping times.


5 reasons to shop with us


We want to make edible bugs mainstream

The word Kairos comes from Ancient Greek, and is defined as “a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.”

We think the edible bug movement has great potential to create a more sustainable future for the world, but is held back by barriers like a social stigma against bugs, a wide variation in product quality, and high prices. By curating only the best products in the world on one easy-to-access online marketplace, we hope to showcase the highest quality products to demonstrate that edible bugs can be very appealing.


We curate only the highest quality products

We look for brands that have high quality products, source ethically, and are sustainable. 

Some edible bug products are very appealing: recipes designed by Michelin-starred chefs, carefully packaged and shipped, ingredients sourced from reputable producers, and constantly improving through customer feedback. But some products have none of these things. This wide variation in product quality motivated us to curate only the highest-quality products in one easy-to-access online marketplace to make your shopping easier.



A passion for sustainability

The idea for Kairos came along by chance. One day I stumbled upon the UN FAO’s report about edible insects as the perfect protein, and first thought it was crazy! Who eats bugs after all? But after more research, I became convinced, and wanted to help make edible bugs mainstream.

I decided to try and change this stigma by creating a company that curated the best products in the industry on one easy-to-access online marketplace, and so Kairos was born. The purpose of Kairos is to demonstrate that edible insects don’t have to be strange or gross. It is my hope that the products you find here not only taste great, but look great. 

Thanks for your support!

Founder, Jon Lo




Email: jon.lo@kairosbugs.com


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