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Kairos Bugs is the world’s largest edible bug marketplace. We curate the best edible bug products in the world to provide you an easy one-stop shop for finding products that best suit your tastes. We stock all types of products, from energy bars to protein powder to pasta. See our Shop for more details.

The word Kairos comes from Ancient Greek, and is defined as “a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.”

We think the edible bug movement has great potential to create a more sustainable future for the world, but is held back by barriers like a social stigma against bugs, a wide variation in product quality, and high prices. By curating only the best products in the world on one easy-to-access online marketplace, we hope to showcase the highest quality products to demonstrate that edible bugs can be very appealing.

We want to make edible bugs mainstream in North America and Europe.

We are incorporated in the United Kingdom, company number 11709140.

Health and Safety

Yes. With controlled breeding in regulated farms, bugs are very hygienic and safe to eat. In fact, because bugs are so genetically dissimilar to humans, they are far less likely to transmit zoonotic diseases to humans than traditional meat sources (zoonotic diseases are transmitted from animals to humans, such as mad cow disease or avian flu).

Yes. Bugs are very similar to crustaceans in biology and taste, so people with allergies to shellfish (e.g. shrimp and lobster) should not consume them.

We look for brands that have high quality products, source ethically, and are sustainable.

Some edible bug products are very appealing: recipes designed by Michelin-starred chefs, carefully packaged and shipped, ingredients sourced from reputable producers, and constantly improving through customer feedback. But some products have none of these things. This wide variation in product quality motivated us to curate only the highest-quality products in one easy-to-access online marketplace to make your shopping easier.

Absolutely! Bugs contain high levels of protein, great amino acid profiles, high Vitamin B12, and great levels of Omega 3s and 6s. For more info, see our Why Eat Bugs page.


Absolutely. Bugs use far less resources to produce than traditional meat sources (e.g. chicken, pork, beef). For more detail, see our Why Eat Bugs page.

Shipping and Delivery

Unfortunately because these are food products, we currently do not offer refunds (but that may change in the future!)

To ensure faster shipping times, products are shipped directly from the brand that produced your product.

Most of our products ship internationally, but some only ship locally. It depends on which brand you purchase your products from. Every product will display where it does and does not ship.

We’re aiming to be a global platform though, so international shipping is definitely a goal. Watch this space!

This varies depending on the brand and your location. Every product will have shipping costs displayed.


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