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✓ The first biodegradable shaker made from wheatgrass
✓ Environmentally friendly and high quality
✓ Suitable for the dishwasher and your microwave
✓ For a world with less plastic

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No matter where and how you travel, the isaac shaker keeps you tight. You can put him in the dishwasher and microwave and at the end of his life he trumps one last time, because…



…the shaker is biodegradable. This works because it consists of wheatgrass fibers and resin – completely free of plastics or plasticizers. CHEERS!

A wheatgrass shaker?

Exactly. We don’t want plastic and so we looked for a material that was just as functional but more sustainable. Our choice was wheatgrass.

Is the shaker tight?

The Wheatgrass Shaker is just as durable. It withstands the washing cycles in the dishwasher and is even suitable for the microwave. So if you like to drink your shake warm, you will get your money’s worth 😉

How much fits in the shaker?

There’s a whole 400ml in the shaker. We recommend to give 30g isaac protein powder in 350ml vegetable milk. There’s plenty of room for that.

Is the shaker available in other colors?

Unfortunately we only have the shaker in cream white at the moment. Classic and elegant, it is guaranteed to match your colourful sports bag.

ISAAC Nutrition

Developed together with food technologists and nutritionists from the Münster University of Applied Sciences, ISAAC's protein powder is superior to whey protein in terms of functionality, and produced much more sustainably. ISAAC's mission is to redefine sports nutrition.

team isaac

DAY 1: The Buffalo worms hatch on a Dutch farm with 40 years of experience in rearing insects.
DAY 1-28: They are fed for four weeks with by-products from the food industry and have a high feed turnover.
DAY 29: The worms are now slowly cooled down and go into a kind of eternal hibernation.
DAY 30: Immediately afterwards they are cleaned and ground to our flour. 100% of the insects are edible.

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FREE SHIPPING within Germany.
Shipping to Austria is 3 EUR (free if purchase is > 50 EUR)
Shipping to Switzerland is 10 EUR (free if purchase is > 150 EUR)
Shipping to Rest of the EU is 4.50 EUR (free if purchase is >80 EUR)

Refund policy

Because these are food products, we unfortunately do not offer refunds.

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Good-sized shaker that is perfect for your protein shakes

A very well-made, good-sized, and cute protein shaker. Perfect for breakfast and shakes on the go. Smells really good too - like fresh wheat. Biodegradable and sustainable too which is perfect for me.

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