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Shipping Policy

This depends on our brands.

Some brands ship internationally. Some brands only ship within the same country. Some brands only ship to some countries, and not others.

Every product has a detailed description of where it ships.

We’re aiming to be a global platform though, so international shipping is definitely a goal. Watch this space!

This varies by product, and depends on where you are located vs. where the brand that is shipping to you is located.

For example, if you are located in the US, and purchase a product from a US brand, shipping costs will likely be lower than if you purchased a product from a UK brand.

You will be able to see shipping costs in your checkout page.

This depends on the brand and the distance the product is being shipped.

For example, shipping from a US brand to a US customer will be quicker than shipping from a Danish brand to a US customer.

Every product has a description of its estimated shipping times.

Because these are food products, we currently do not offer refunds.

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